ToDo List

This page should give you a short overview of what is planned for my plugins. This does not mean that they’ll be included in the next version!

  • Announcement
    • Set an end date for the announcement, after that the announcement will be deactivated automatically
  • MyBB 2FA
    • Test the UCP with other themes, there’s probably an issue with the width
    • Add recovery codes for users to avoid that they lock themselves out
    • Add an option in the ACP to disable 2FA for a specific user (same reason as above)
  • MyBBlog
    • Add a new helper function which loads the classes to allow other authors to change them
    • Look whether I can avoid that the preview splits within a bbcode
  • MyBot
    • Add Send alert as action when MyAlerts is installed
    • Add Give Reputation as action
    • Add option to move action whether a redirect should be left or not
  • MyLikes
    • Allow Downvotes
    • Show counters on the profile (likes received and given)
    • Remove the hard coded brackets in template and js file and move them to the language file