Releasing JonesCore 1.0, MyBBlog 1.1 and MyBot 1.4

JonesCore 1.0

JonesCore is a set of different classes/functions/helpers to speed up development and to reduce the amount of duplicated code parts. JonesCore will be used by all future plugins and all old plugins will be updated to make use of it. Some small plugins (like PM Menu Counter) won’t be updated as none of the function would be used there. More information about updating and installing can be found on the JonesCore Page.
Note that JonesCore doesn’t support PHP 5.2!!!

MyBBlog 1.1

MyBBlog has been updated to make use of JonesCore. Additionally two new settings were added to change the preview length and to decide whether the preview should be parsed or not. MyBBlog makes also use of the new MyAlerts bridge and sends you an alert if someone adds a comment to your blog post.

MyBot 1.4

MyBot has also been updated to make use of JonesCore. As JonesCore also includes the functions added by PluginLibrary you don’t need to install PluginLibrary anymore. Also soft delete has been added as action and some minor bugs I’ve found during development have been fixed.

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  1. Hello

    Thanks for the plugin!
    Although. I seem to have a problem.
    When the bot moves a thread it leaves like a copy behind named: Moved: title.
    Do you know what to do? I want it to move the thread and not make a copy.

    Thanks in regards!

    1. Open the file inc/plugins/jones/mybot/classes/Actions/Move.php and change the following line
      $info['tid'] = $moderation->move_thread($info['tid'], $this->getData());
      $info['tid'] = $moderation->move_thread($info['tid'], $this->getData(), 'move');
      Note that this will change the behavior for every thread that gets moved but not for already moved threads.

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