JonesBoard’s move to WordPress

As the old JonesBoard forum wasn’t used much and most support was given on MyBB’s forums I decided that JonesBoard should be more a site for information than for support. Also was JonesBoard (and especially the Plugins site) heavily modified which would’ve meant a lot more work for the 1.8 update. However I didn’t want to close JonesBoard completly and so I decided to go with a blog here. I’ll post release (and hopefully development) notices here and probably will post also some general MyBB informations 😉

The Plugins page and the Installation/Update Page have been moved here.

Short note about MyPlugins

As the API for MyPlugins was a MyBB Plugin it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t have time at the moment to look how exactly WordPress’ Plugin System works so MyPlugins won’t work for some time. I hope to have time in the new year to work on an API based on WordPress for MyPlugins but since then MyPlugins isn’t supported.

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