Releasing MyLikes 1.0.1

MyLikes has been updated to make use of JonesCore. Additionally several bugs (including the annoying permissions issue) have been fixed and basic caching has been added. Note that MyLikes 1.0.1 won’t work with MyBB 1.8.0 (which you shouldn’t use anyways).

Releasing JonesCore 1.0, MyBBlog 1.1 and MyBot 1.4

JonesCore 1.0

JonesCore is a set of different classes/functions/helpers to speed up development and to reduce the amount of duplicated code parts. JonesCore will be used by all future plugins and all old plugins will be updated to make use of it. Some small plugins (like PM Menu Counter) won’t be updated as none of the function would be used there. More information about updating and installing can be found on the JonesCore Page.
Note that JonesCore doesn’t support PHP 5.2!!!

MyBBlog 1.1

MyBBlog has been updated to make use of JonesCore. Additionally two new settings were added to change the preview length and to decide whether the preview should be parsed or not. MyBBlog makes also use of the new MyAlerts bridge and sends you an alert if someone adds a comment to your blog post.

MyBot 1.4

MyBot has also been updated to make use of JonesCore. As JonesCore also includes the functions added by PluginLibrary you don’t need to install PluginLibrary anymore. Also soft delete has been added as action and some minor bugs I’ve found during development have been fixed.

Releasing Session Manager v1.0

After the recent security problems with MyBB I decided to write a Session Manager. The plugin allows every user to view all of his sessions in their UCP and to revoke them (which will logout the one using that session). If you’ve enabled GeoIP on your server it’ll also get the location of the session. The plugin is now downloadable from GitHub.

JonesBoard’s move to WordPress

As the old JonesBoard forum wasn’t used much and most support was given on MyBB’s forums I decided that JonesBoard should be more a site for information than for support. Also was JonesBoard (and especially the Plugins site) heavily modified which would’ve meant a lot more work for the 1.8 update. However I didn’t want to close JonesBoard completly and so I decided to go with a blog here. I’ll post release (and hopefully development) notices here and probably will post also some general MyBB informations 😉

The Plugins page and the Installation/Update Page have been moved here.

Short note about MyPlugins

As the API for MyPlugins was a MyBB Plugin it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t have time at the moment to look how exactly WordPress’ Plugin System works so MyPlugins won’t work for some time. I hope to have time in the new year to work on an API based on WordPress for MyPlugins but since then MyPlugins isn’t supported.