Author: Jones

Releasing MyLikes 1.0.1

MyLikes has been updated to make use of JonesCore. Additionally several bugs (including the annoying permissions issue) have been fixed and basic caching has been added. Note that MyLikes 1.0.1 won’t work with MyBB 1.8.0 (which you shouldn’t use anyways).

Releasing Session Manager v1.0

After the recent security problems with MyBB I decided to write a Session Manager. The plugin allows every user to view all of his sessions in their UCP and to revoke them (which will logout the one using that session). If you’ve enabled GeoIP on your server it’ll also get the location of the session.

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JonesBoard’s move to WordPress

As the old JonesBoard forum wasn’t used much and most support was given on MyBB’s forums I decided that JonesBoard should be more a site for information than for support. Also was JonesBoard (and especially the Plugins site) heavily modified which would’ve meant a lot more work for the 1.8 update. However I didn’t want

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